Friday, July 2, 2010

Net debt - July 2010

Student loans: -$81,432.38 (+739.57)
Car loan: $0.
Revolving Credit card debt: $0.
Net debt: -$81,432.38

Alexa ranking: 5,333,428 (-63,107)

So my Alexa ranking went up a little bit (probably because I haven't been very active blogging) but the past month has been filled with doctors appointments, studying for my GRE exam, and similarly wrapping things up for PhD school.

I expect the next month to have a few more blogs than the past month.  But as a general summery of the past month: Financially, I've looked into IRA's and 403(b), figured out a plan to pay off one of my student loans while I'm in PhD school, and looked to see if I could save a few bunch on internet (looks like Time Warner Cable is the cheapest).  I've also looked at replacement cars in case something bad happens to mine.  Work has been treating me well, I'll be talking to my boss about my salary increase as he and I discussed earlier.  And at home it's great as usual, found some great recipes in a new cookbook (Vegetariana: A Rich Harvest of Wit, Lore, and Recipes) that we've been using.  It also has some great quotes and factoids!