Sunday, March 28, 2010

Car repairs are finally finished!

My car has, for the past few months, been having continual problems.  And while I help out my friend on his repairs, I've reached my own limit of problems with my own car. 

A few weeks ago, I replaced both of my window regulators, and today, I finally finished the last repair, replacing the charcoal canister.  In case you weren't aware, when the charcoal canister for Hyundai's break, it's likely that it'll clog up the hoses in your car, and then, you'll get the problem that I had, which it takes about 30 minutes to pump 12 gallons of gas into your car.  Needless to say, this was not acceptable and I've been tolerating this problem for months now. 

The actual repair was quick and easy, two bolts dropped the canister from the car, then it was just taking off three hoses and installing the new one.  The whole process only took about an hour or so.  And the canister was definitely broken because as I was removing the original one, charcoal was pouring out.  So I was able to fill up my gas, semi normal today and within a few tanks, I imagine it'll be perfectly fine again. 

Doing these repairs made me pretty happy as the mechanic wanted to replace my computer thinking that was the problem after he replaced the close valve.  So the part was only $130 and nothing for the labor since I did it myself!  Sure beats a bill of well over $600 for the parts and labor of the computer.

Not bad for a weekend project.  :-)

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