Monday, July 11, 2011

Websites I frequently log into....

There are many things I do to keep myself occupied online and I thought I would share some of the website I frequent. - I check in almost daily to make sure accounts are in the positive (and our cash reserve is there), see how our budget is doing, that nothing fraudulent has happened with our credit card, and that our goals are on track. - I like to know what is happening around the world, see what new medical developments are happening and what's happening in our local area. - My general website to check prices on items and usually purchase them. However, before I purchase an item, I usually google it to check that amazon has the lowest prices and if not, I'll go to the lowest website (assuming it doesn't look like a scam) and hit up my next site... - A great website to check the latest coupons on websites.  This website allows you to enter the website that you are shopping on and check that there are no coupons or giftcards that are available for you to enter to help lower the price more. Frequently I'll get free shipping or 10 to 20% off an order by using this website, and it's completely free! - Another great website to bypass those annoying logins or get free access to some restricted content.  You just type in the website and it will give you a list of usernames and passwords that have access to that website. - Amazing professional networking website for everyone! I recently asked my peers a question regarding my thesis and some software suggestions. They responded in full answering my question with a full spectrum of software, further questions some of which I had answers to, others I did not. They provided me with articles and publication that would further help me and my research.  I posed anther question to my local group on what doctors I should use in this specific area. Again fully answered with dozen of suggestions and websites to investigate.  I fully recommend taking advantage of this website by joining not only your professional groups and corporate groups, but also join a few local groups and a few groups that you enjoy, like your favorite sport or hobby. - Another great networking website but much less so for professional and more for personal contacts.  I love to hear the updates of my family and friends.  :-) - Although I may not check it out daily, I like to look at this website to learn (or double check) the process on how certain things are done and also if it's even recommended for me to do it!  I take it as a grain of salt if I go with a contractor or not, but the process seems to be usually accurate for the projects and it is nice to see such a wide range of topics on the home, garden, etc readily available.

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