Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tiburon Car Repairs!

So today was a day of repairs!  About a year ago when I got my car during a cold New York winter, I broke the regulator of my drivers side window.   Even more recently, I brought my car to the mechanics for repairs and while there, my other regulator broke.  So it was time for repairs!  The mechanic quoted the parts for around $250 and then 3 hours of labor.  I managed to buy the 2 window regulators online for $138.  I completed the repairs with my trusty 11mm socket and screwdriver (and occasional help from my lovely girlfriend assigned the official task of window holder and watergirl) in 2 hours.  Saving me a whopping $350!  And I got to enjoy a great day outside in the sun working on the car which I always enjoy.

I know in Texas it was a great day today, how about you guys?  Anyone else do some home or car repairs?

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