Wednesday, February 24, 2010


First of all, welcome! This is my new blog, one that I would like to share with the world and was inspired by many of my blogger friends out there. I'd like to use this blog to convey my thoughts about money, finances, my own personal life, perhaps any other things that come to mind.

So the blog is titled, Job's money - Free by 30. This isn't for the workplace, or about stealing your works money, I titled it more for the fact that "Job", is a popular word that gets tagged, along with "money", so hopefully this blog get more hits from google and other search engines. And the last part, I hope is obvious, "Free by 30" it's my personal goal to be debt free by 30. I'm currently 25 so I have 5 years to go!

While you look through my blogs, I'd like to remind you that I am not a CPA, accountant, or for that matter, that I work with money at all. I am a trained physicist and you should not take my blog as the final word and I will not take any responsibility for money made or lost by you. Remember, it's your money, you choose what to do with it and always use common sense. My next post will tell you what sort of situation I am currently in and where I'd like to go.


  1. Welcome to the world of personal finance blogging! Good luck on your goal!

  2. Thanks Budgeting in the Fun Stuff! I appreciate the good luck and hope that you, I, and all of our readers will do great reaching all of our goals!


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