Sunday, April 4, 2010

How the little things add up....

Recently in the news I read how, what appears to be a homeless man, died at age 60 a millionaire.  Curt Degerman rode around inside of a town in Sweden on his bicycle collecting cans and eating scraps of food that he would find.  However when he wasn't doing that he would go to the public library and pour of the financial sections and invest what little he collected.  By the time he was 60, he died with $1.4 million, a house, and 124 bars of gold. 

This is truly amazing and definitely shows how the small stuff like collecting cans really can add up and living well below your means will create a fortune!  However in his case, I feel pretty bad, he left it all to his cousin and now the rest of his extended family is arguing over the money. 

This year I'm hoping to become slightly more active in my stocks and mutual funds along with opening up a roth IRA.  Do you have any plans now that the new tax year is almost beginning?  Any examples of how the small stuff added up for you over time?  We're collecting all of our pennies in a nice jar and are eager to open it once it's full and see how much we've collected. :-)

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