Monday, April 26, 2010

Book review coming up!

So I was checking out my buddy's website, J$, over at and he was giving away books! So I of course can't give up a free book, so I applied and won! So you'll be expecting a book review of "The Hero with a Million Dollars."

For those who are interested this is what amazon
The Hero with a Million Dollars uses Joseph Campbell's path of the hero as a template to help people define their purpose, discover their passion and build a life of wealth and fulfillment. With practical advice and immense wisdom, The Hero with a Million Dollars packs a volume of advice in a book that can be read in a single sitting. The Hero's Journey has been used as an inspirational source for movies and novels for decades. Now, William Radford expertly applies the stages of the journey to help readers define their purpose, discover their values and create outcomes that lead to success.

Have you read this book? Any other suggestions of books to read? or give away?

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